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Besides the obvious of specializing in condominium sales, the main thing that differentiates us from your average realtor is ‘the why’ behind our choosing to make real estate our profession. It’s the ‘Why’ behind what they do both professionally and personally. Founder, Scott Chandler says, “I’ll turn 50 years old this year and have been in the real estate business since graduating from WMU in the early 1990’s. I’ve been involved with more types of transactions than I can count. I’ve made a lot of money and lost a lot of money, a couple times… I’ve started several business’s and even started a school in Costa Rica. With some incredible doctors, an amazing family and community and a team of prayer warriors; I(we) beat cancer just a few years ago. I married way out of my league and have four amazing children. Young adults now…”
“I mention all this absolutely to brag”, Scott says with a smirk. “However it’s not to brag about myself, but to brag about a God that has blessed me beyond belief, despite myself! We’ve had quite a journey over the past 15 years. Without getting too spiritual, one message I’ve learned is that the plans that I conjure up without His guidance usually don’t work out that well. Even if they do work out well, if the goal is strictly for personal gain, the achievements are not fulfilling anyways.” More about Scott here.

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Scott hand picked a team of professionals with extensive condo experience and the same servant attitude and Michigan Condo Pros was born.  At Michigan Condo Pros our team is not limited to real estate agents only.  Our preferred lenders, title insurance company and attorney are all well versed in to condominium transaction. 

“Since moving back to my home area of West Michigan in 2014, I have felt a strong calling to create a real estate company who’s sole focus was to assist buyers and sellers in navigating the differences in the condominium transaction.  Educating, representing and negotiating for them while reaching their ideal result through a stress free process.”

“Over the years of marketing new condo projects I noticed an alarming trend of condo buyers being represented by real estate agents that lacked the knowledge to fully represent them in a condo transaction.  Basically they would find out how much the monthly dues were, what the dues covered and call it good.”

It became glaringly apparent to Scott that there was a need for a team of real estate professionals to represent condo buyers and sellers throughout their transaction.  Obviously, some aspects of the transaction are the same as a single family home.  However, there are several aspects that are unique to condominiums.  Not only that, but there are different aspects to each condo project.  In West Michigan you have traditional ranch style condos, you have beachfront or vacation condos and you have urban downtown condos.  They all have their own set of legal documents, common elements, homeowners association, bi-laws and maintenance agreement to name a few.”


Meet the Condo Experts

Meet the Michigan Condo Pros experts who make dreams come true and far-off goals a reality.

Angela White

Angela White’s passion for construction and design led her to building homes in the early 2000’s.  Her dedication to her clients was apparent as she is still friends with many of her former clients 15+ years later.  After the 2009 crash halted all construction for a few years, Angela took the advice of many of those former clients and started selling real estate.  Her ‘go the extra mile’ attitude translated will with her real estate clients and nearly 10 years later she is still going strong in the industry.  In 2014 Angela teamed up with Scott Chandler at Apex Realty to market a new condo project called Avalaon Pointe, in Caledonia.  The two of them have been working together ever since.

Scott Chandler

A native West Michigander, Scott started selling real estate right after graduating from Western Michigan University in 1993. He had a great decade long run at selling and developing real estate before moving his family to Costa Rica, to be an ‘on the ground partner’ in a large condo hotel development. While in Costa Rica they started El Puente Christian School, which is still making a difference in kids lives to this day with over 100 students and a waiting list.
Since moving back to West Michigan in 2014, Scott has felt a strong calling to create a real estate company who’s sole focus was to assist buyers and sellers in navigating the differences in the condominium transaction. Through marketing many new condo developments over the years, he noticed that many realtors putting their clients at risk by not know the unique aspects to a condominium transaction.
His team will educate, represent and negotiate for their clients while reaching their ideal result through a stress free process. And with over 25 years experience, Scott will make it happen. Currently Scott lives in Jamestown with a daughter at GVSU, a son at UNC Wilmington and a set of identical twin boys at Unity Christian. His wife Nicki has been in the fitness instruction field for 25 years and also is a Life Coach.

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