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Individual ownership of a unit in a multiunit structure or on land owned in common.

The freedom that comes with the condo life is a wonderful experience.  While some people enjoy doing yardwork, who likes shoveling snow right…?  With the ‘low maintenance’ advantages that come with condo living, also comes a unique type of ownership and thus a unique type of transaction.  Buyers and sellers need to be aware of those differences.  You want someone representing you that knows their condominium stuff… 

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Buying or selling a condo should be an enjoyable, stress free process.  Founder, Scott Chandler and the Michigan Condo Pros will put their 35+ years of real estate experience and hundreds of condo transactions to work for you. Our background in condominium development and sales, traditional residential sales along with commercial development and sales makes for a winning combination in helping condo buyers, sellers and developers alike achieve their real estate goals.  Having someone to navigate you through the unique rights and responsibilities of a condo transaction is crucial to a smooth closing and your peace of mind.

There are several factors you need to be aware of that make the purchase or sale of a condominium quite different than a single family home sale.  Whether in a traditional one story condo neighborhood, a lakefront resort or a multi story urban building, each property has a unique set of circumstances that affect your ownership.  Michigan Condo Pros are the Experts On Your Side.

Factor 1: Ownership Differs

This experience gives our clients valuable insight and knowledge of the individual projects history and current status along with what those knowledge could mean to them.

Factor 11: Homeowners Association

Our experience in the intricate details of developing, building, managing and running Homeowners Associations in condo neighborhoods is also an asset to buyers.

Factor 111: Common Elements

Put simply, we know what to watch out for.  Not all Associations are created equally.  Over the years we’ve seen a lot of issues either with the properties or associations.

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What’s Your Condo Worth

If you own a condominium, there’s one question you’re sure to ask early and often: “How much is my condo worth?” Whether you are looking to refinance your home or have decided that it’s time to sell, finding your condo’s true value will let you know how much home equity you have to wield to help make those dreams happen.

Pinning a price on your condo might feel like a guessing game. How do you reach a figure that’s not too high to drive potential buyers away but not too low to keep you from making a return on your investment? Luckily, we do all the work for you.

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What Makes Us Different?

Founder Scott Chandler has hand picked a team of professionals with extensive condo experience and the same servant attitude to form Michigan Condo Pros. The MCP team is not limited to real estate agents only.  Our preferred lenders, title insurance companies and attorneys are all well versed in all condominium transactions.

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Michigan Condo Pros will put their 25+ years of real estate experience and hundreds of condo transactions to work for you.


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