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Selling a Condo?

With Michigan Condo Pros you get the Experience and Exposure you need to achieve your desired Result.

You’ve read about how Michigan Condo Pros came about and our experience on the What Makes Us Different page.  So, let’s talk about Exposure.

While we promote your property all the traditional ways online, our program goes well beyond adding your home to the online listing aggregators such as Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, etc.  The program also goes beyond posting your home on a self promoting realtor Facebook page saying “Look at my new listing!”.

Promote your listing

We take a more strategic and targeted approach to marketing our listings.  We promote our properties specifically to buyers actively searching online that are most likely to be interested in your condo.  We’ve hired digital marketing specialists to custom design an online marketing program that is tailored to showcase your condo to the qualified condo buyers looking in your area.

Because of our years of working the condo market and condo specific targeting online marketing, we’ve established quite an invaluable database of local current potential condo buyers.  As opposed to a typical single family home buyer, condo buyers often have a much longer buying process, often starting the process years in advance of when they actually purchase.  This can be frustrating for sellers and especially realtors, however that makes our database of buyers even that much more valuable.


Let’s Start Selling

We have been successfully connecting condo sellers with condo buyers in West Michigan for over 35 years.  Call, text or email to see how Michigan Condo Pros can assist you in achieving your real estate goals.  No pressure and no obligation.

Michigan Condo Pros will put their 25+ years of real estate experience and hundreds of condo transactions to work for you.


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